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Achieving Acoustic Engineering Excellence

December 10, 2020

Farrat is on a mission to deliver acoustic engineering excellence across the global cinema market.

Following a drive from their engineers over the last decade to embed their acoustic isolation solutions into the most cutting edge, new build cinemas being delivered across the Middle East, North Africa and Saudi Arabia, they are now looking at ways that they can work with local project teams on a long-term basis to ensure that acoustic excellence is achieved across the wider market.

Farrat has supported the growth of multiplex cinema in the region ever since the very first projects in Dubai, and through 2019, provided acoustic isolation for 18 of the 23 multiplexes built in Saudi Arabia that year.

They are well aware of the unique overlap of circumstances in the region – the hit that the industry has taken due to COVID-19 mixed with the still-present need for rapid expansion in Saudi Arabia. We know that budgets are constrained, and capital investment is difficult in an uncertain economic climate, so they have developed a range of financial incentives to continue their support in the region.

Delivered by Farrat Technical Director, Ryan Arbabi, the session aims to go beyond Farrat’s current technical offering and demonstrate, what a mutually beneficial business partnership could look like long-term; how Farrat can innovate and adapt their systems to meet your requirements in terms of flexibility and reusability; and how they can help to mitigate some of the financial risk you may be facing in multi-region cinema construction.

Our united end goal is to improve the immersive experience for local cinema audiences and consequently improve cinema revenues for the most dedicated cinema operators.


December 10, 2020
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