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Achieving Cyber Resilience via Protecting Data and Applications

April 26, 2021

(a) Creating business value by discovering, classifying and protecting data with encryption and tokenization
If your business wasn’t part of the digital economy before COVID-19, it’s certainly well on its way now. The digital economy is more than a way to transact online. It is also about securely working from home, and safely collaborating with your employees, partners, and customers. As part of that, you need to manage how you preserve, retain, govern, and gain insight into your data. How will you deal with all the data you and others generate on premise or on cloud systems? How can your data help you uncover new opportunities when the next “big thing” comes along? Can you analyse the vast amounts of data you collect every day to see emerging trends, and comply with new regulations?
(b) A journey into the mind of DevSecOps architect: challenges, considerations and Solutions
DevSecOps ensures that everyone is accountable for security, which enables security decisions to be made at each development and operations level and, at the same time, support building secure software fast. Great coding isn’t just about speed and functionality. it’s about minimizing security risks by incorporating secure coding practices into the development process, so you can minimize your application security risks. Seamless application security approach helps you to make application security an integral part of the software lifecycle without creating additional burden for the stakeholders. But the question is, how to make application security seamless for your organization?


April 26, 2021
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