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Addressing Cyber threat with real-time intelligence

November 12, 2020

Businesses are in the middle of a crisis and no one knows for how long this will last or when the next pandemic, natural disaster, environmental catastrophe, crippling cyber attack, or crisis event will occur. There is no doubt that Covid-19 has led to a record increase in the frequency and intensity of cyber-attacks and threats to many organizations in both government and the private sectors, which is challenging in terms of how security is being approached.

As we are slowly recovering and entering a post-pandemic era, equipping and empowering security teams and fortifying security infrastructure remains a key part of the defense against these threats. But without a suitable technology support and threat intelligence integration, organizations will not be equipped to monitor threats, prevent attacks, or scale and evolve as threats grow and diversify.

To continue to be ahead of the threats and challenges they face, government and private enterprise must begin to deploy and leverage next-generation application security focusing on their SAP landscape and infrastructure. As this combines a strong level of transparency and visibility to create faster than human analysis by machines to identify alerts/incidents for investigation, and the contextual understanding for threat hunting.

This DigiConnect will bring together senior information security leaders from Government Departments and Ministries, Banking and Financial Services sector, Aviation, Healthcare and Telecom sector from UAE & Oman to discuss some of these challenges and learn the latest and best practices to innovative solutions on how they can effectively manage and monitor security events with incidents, as well as improve their ability to foresee, avoid, detect and recover from operational disruptions.


November 12, 2020
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