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Advanced analytics for the digitized judicial system

March 30, 2021

As the sheer volume, complexity, and velocity of decisions rise across the judicial system in today’s challenging environment, all departments must seek more effective and efficient means to improve the throughput, accuracy, fairness, and speed of those decisions.

With the advancement of AI technologies, now is the ideal time to take a different decision-making approach- one that augments human decision-making and builds trust in automated decisions while assuring each department enjoys optimal outcomes.

Delivering smart services in the digital age is so much more than the automation of internal processes that result in greater efficiencies. Becoming an intelligent organization requires much broader thinking: it’s about uniting different areas under a shared vision of continuous improvement, enabled by analytically derived decisions.

This boardroom will showcase advanced methods for the judicial system to use analytics to gain unprecedented insights into judicial behaviour. The boardroom will present case studies on how historical data provides more information to a Judge or court to make more transparent decisions. Additionally, it covers how one can use this data to improve recidivism and reduce the instances of repeat offenders.


March 30, 2021
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