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Advanced Water Leak Detection and Pipe Condition Assessment

February 3, 2021

Water leaks and water scarcity are major challenges faced by water utilities around the world. The cost of maintaining pipes that are worn out is high and sometimes require emergency work with higher costs. The ability to identify defective parts in the pipeline in order to replace them and prevent costly maintenance (bursts repairs), water loss and disturbances in the water supply is of great value both to the water corporation and to its customers – the water consumers.

Aquarius offers advanced leak detection and pipe condition assessment solutions that help the largest water utilities around the world reduce their Water Loss, prevent water pipe bursts and provide guidance on which pipes should be replaced and renewed.

Aquarius technology is based on sensitive Acoustic Sensors and big data analytics. Aquarius supports all pipe material and all diameters including large and PE pipes. Aquarius solutions enable Water Utilities to proactively monitor their network, trace leaks and pinpoint their exact locations automatically on a daily basis.

To date, the company has deployed thousands of sensors which are installed on municipal water networks in major cities in Israel, UK, Italy and the U.S., covering thousands kilometers of drinking water pipelines. This technology helps Water Utilities reduce their Non-Revenue-Water (NRW) and their Maintenance & Operational costs by using highly sensitive sensors, management software and a mobile application. SUEZ, American Water, Thames Water, Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv are among our customers.


February 3, 2021
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