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Application Modernization for the Digital Enterprise

October 14

In today’s digital world, enterprises need a fast, efficient and extensible IT foundation that reduces complexity, enhances agility, is easy to manage and enables more resilient and secure ways of working. While many companies are aware of their need to change, few understand what it takes to transform their IT applications to meet the challenges of the new, digital age.

The needs that are driving many of our customers’ modernization efforts are as follows:

  • Enterprises feel pressured to provide compelling digital experiences for their customers to grow revenues. They need to reduce the time it takes to convert an idea into software in production that impacts their business. They also want to rapidly iterate on that code as they learn from their customers.
  • Innovating at pace and scale while also protecting the application estate from a growing number of security vulnerabilities is becoming increasingly difficult.
  • Enterprises want to take full advantage of the innovations from a rapidly growing and increasingly competitive public cloud vendor landscape. This is proving to be a slower, more complex and more expensive journey than expected.

This is why it is not surprising to see executive survey results showing that 80% of CIOs have application modernization as a top priority this year.  Unfortunately, this was also a top priority last year, yet 50% of same CIO’s surveyed responded that they have not made any progress over the past year.

For these reasons, technology executives are wrestling with four important questions:

  • How do we move towards modern apps with greater velocity?
  • How do we operate modern infrastructure with more stability at scale?
  • How do we secure modern infrastructure and cloud native platforms?
  • How do we adopt cloud native services, multi-cloud management and seamless cloud native application delivery?

Continuous application modernization is a gradual approach that focuses on providing digital business support and value in a timely manner. In other words, continuous delivery requires continuous modernization.

In lights of this, Application Modernization for the Digital Enterprise DigiConnect virtual boardroom will gather senior representatives from BFSI and Telco sectors in the Middle East to address key challenges enterprises are facing in their application modernization journey and provide answers to the above pressing questions.

This boardroom will also discuss the Huco Application Modernization Framework for creating a comprehensive application modernization journey ((PMO & governance, Development landscape, Microservices/Containers, Kubernetes, CI/CD automation, DevSecOps) and showcase Ozone, a cloud native continuous delivery product for seamless application delivery in new age platforms. Ozone enables both continuous integration and continuous delivery for microservice applications with highly automated deployment workflows, with built-in AI algorithms to detect and monitor issues with application rollouts and prevents major negative impacts with minimal human intervention.


October 14
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