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Augmented Reality for Retail Consumer Marketing

December 15, 2020

The pandemic continues to disrupt the retail industry with consequential changes in consumer behaviour and expectations. With online and virtual space becoming the new marketplace retailers are faced with the challenge of how to efficiently market and promote their products as well as to engage customers and still deliver great customer experience.

AR has become a game-changer for marketing and selling products, with companies seeing a rapid return on these AR investments. AR technology allows for many opportunities to wow customers and provide them with all the inside information and details about the products to help them make their decision faster, improving efficiency and productivity.

To discuss this and more, the Augmented Reality for Retail Consumer Marketing Virtual Boardroom will bring together Chief Marketing Officers, Senior Sales executives and brand managers from the retail sector that driving retail consumer marketing strategy to discuss this challenge and how learn how AR can be a game changer to help their organisation remain competitive, improve customer experience and increase their bottom line.


December 15, 2020
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