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Cyber Security in the Next Normal

December 15, 2020

The COVID – 19 pandemic no doubt led to record increase in the frequency and intensity of cyber-attacks and threats to many organizations in both government and the private sector, putting to task existing security operations systems and infrastructures. As we enter the post-pandemic era, equipping and empowering security teams and fortifying security infrastructure remains a key part of the defense against these threats and without suitable technology, team, and threat intelligence integration, organizations won’t be equipped to monitor threats, prevent attacks, or scale and evolve as threats grow and diversify. To continue to be ahead of the threats and challenges they face, government and private enterprise are beginning to elevate their security solution to Gen 5, consolidate their security infrastructure, making all their new investments in prevention technologies and finally have a 360 view.

With organization speeding up their digital transformation, cloud computing plays an integral role. Scalability, flexibility, agility and automation sound like magical words that make us more productive and innovative once we embrace cloud platforms and utilize cloud applications. But, how secure are these platforms and apps? We will share Check Point Research’s (CPR) latest global threat intelligence stats related to COVID-19 and public cloud. Going into 2021, we’re seeing this trend grow as more cloud-related technologies are gaining great security from the industry with specific answers to security challenges of containers, Kubernetes environments, and serverless workloads. We will cover recent trends and highlight some of the advancements made in fending off threats and turning security into an enabler force in enterprise digital transformation.

In the post pandemic world, secure remote access is adopted at speed. Security teams are asked to give access to corporate applications hosted in the datacenter & cloud in a secure way from both managed and unmanaged machines. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is the convergence of networking and security as cloud services. It is a scalable architecture that enables employees in the office or remote to connect to the applications they need to use in the data center or cloud. SASE defines a unified cloud security service that consolidates separate services including secure web gateway, firewall-as-a-service, software-defined perimeter, advanced threat prevention and networking without sacrificing performance.

n this session, you will hear from Check Point Evangelist how to address these above challenges and how Check point being a leader and visionary in the Cyber Security domain are assisting enterprises to adapt to the new normal


December 15, 2020
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