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Delivering Customer Experience as a Banking Service

March 25, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Even before the COVID – 19 pandemic the world of banking was facing many challenges in a period of rapid change not seen in the industry in over a century. The global pandemic has not only added a layer of unprecedented challenge but also has accelerated the rate of change required even just to stand still in the market.

At a global level there are a number of challenges with which banks were already having to come to terms:

  • Their customers habits are changing, and the use of cash is falling with the shift to ‘invisible banking’
  • Their target clientele demographic is moving with millennials making up 35% of the working population
  • Digital-only banks have sprung up, initially as an answer to this changing demographic, but the successful ones have now found a foothold in the older population with money.
  • Open Banking is also driving a lot of these changes enabling fintech businesses to thrive and provide greater visibility and flexibility for their customers.

Though, the businesses that were going to survive digital 4.0 were and still are those that can champion and deliver the highest levels of customer experience; one that is seamless, empathetic and emotionally intelligent.

The pandemic has not changed any of these, but it has served to accelerate the rate of change. When we finally enter the post-pandemic era, the banks that will have a clear advantage will be those that have invested time and effort into creating an environment where customers believe that they are really known, felt and cared for by their bank; irrespective of how they communicate, what geography they are in and when they want to engage.

Delivering customer experience as a banking service boardroom event will bring together a selected group of senior influential leaders from across banking industry in the Middle East. We will discuss in depth and learn latest best practices and innovative solutions on how to drive exceptional differentiating banking customer service in KSA.


March 25, 2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


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