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Digital Transformation: How Procurement has Embraced Technology… And What’s Next?

May 17, 2022

After two years of unprecedented disruption, procurement leaders have been busy putting plans in place to ensure business continuity in the future. Indeed, during the pandemic, procurement evolved from a tactical to a strategic partner in many organizations. One way procurement teams have fast-tracked this shift is through a commitment to digitization.
A McKinsey global survey of executives in late 2020 found that the pandemic had stimulated companies to accelerate the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions by three to four years. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of business leaders reported that the digitization of their operations and creation of a next-generation operating model had accelerated by a matter of months – up from 50% in August 2020.
Technology is increasingly enabling collaborative relationships across the supply chain, helping procurement react flexibly to the challenges of today’s business environment. And automation is helping the function move away from its transactional past and gain widespread recognition as a strategic business partner.
So, now procurement has the ear of the board, how can the function use its heightened position to continue to drive value? What lessons have been learned over the past two years and what will 2022 and beyond look like?

The “Cognitive Hour with Zycus” Virtual round table will bring together supply chain and procurement leaders from across industries in the Middle East region will discuss some of the challenges that have arisen since the pandemic began, and learn about the latest best practices and innovative solutions to help you safekeep and scale your business through digitization-driven procurement practices in our current VUCA world.


May 17, 2022
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