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May 17, 2022

As we are all aware, UAE has been ramping up financial compliance and governance and the Central Bank of UAE has been cracking down hard on financial crimes.

Luminaries from the Insurance industry will share Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning interventions that include but are not limited to deep learning of your past investigation patterns, alert scoring/prioritization, false-positive reductions by ~25%, threshold fine-tuning, segmented scorecards for customer risk profiling and, visual investigator for network analysis.

We will delve deeper into the open AI (Artificial Intelligence) microservices architecture protocols that are table stakes for a low-risk go-live in a matter of weeks, not months. No AI initiative can succeed without the empowerment of business teams so we will also talk about how Financial Crimes Compliance (FCC) system must democratize data and AI via a zero-code platform. Thus, choosing your data sources or add/removal of complex transaction monitoring scenarios should be an easy drag/drop via an intuitive GUI by your compliance team, rather than a labor-intensive change request process.

Join us and other industry leaders in the UAE to learn the most effective AI/Analytics interventions and best practices in the region.


May 17, 2022
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