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How AI Powered Asset Management and Connected Worker Technology are Building the Plant of the Future

December 7, 2020

‘The Plant of the Future’ is driven by the endless quest to drive operational excellence. We believe ‘The Plant of the Future’ is sustainable, connected and very intelligent. Changes in market dynamics, combined with advanced technologies, are opening new paths to operational excellence and profitability. One of the most important enablers in this evolutionary process is the incorporation of transformational digital technologies in people, assets, processes, and operations.

In this boardroom we will focus on assets and people as well as the need for Enterprise Performance Management.

A. Achieve operational excellence with the use of AI/ML in Asset Performance Management (APM)

  • Your assets, know what’s ahead​: Predict anomalies, recommend actions to improve safety, reduce unplanned downtime and increase asset lifetime​
  • Operate with small budgets:​ Reduce unnecessary expenditure during volatile market conditions​ with timely asset management

B. Digitize your deskless workforce with the right connected technology

  • Empower your most valuable resource: Increased visibility into operations and reduced data blind spots ultimately improves process and worker efficiency
  • Business continuity and better decision-making: Digitized workflows, remote training, closed-loop analysis, problem-solving simulation tools and more enhance workforce productivity and competency


December 7, 2020
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