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Innovation Tax Virtual Round Table: Innovation Tax: How data architecture becomes a tax on innovation

January 26, 2022

As data requirements are becoming more complex and it’s important that organization’s database are able to scale with it. Relational databases can’t keep up, and many companies are starting to create more niche databases with spaghetti architectures that cause problems and take time away from innovation.

The Data Innovation Recurring Tax (DIRT) occurs when companies rely on cumbersome, unreliable data architectures or too much off-the-shelf cloud software that does not work well together.

DIRT is costing companies precious time-to-market, developer retention, and much more.

To remain competitive and drive innovation, organizations need to invest in solutions that will help them eliminate their DIRT, and help their developers become more productive.

Join us at this virtual round table as we bring together IT leaders and experts to discuss latest innovation and best practice on how to manage DIRT and modernize data strategy to drive innovation in this new normal.


January 26, 2022
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