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Innovative Arabic AI-Powered Conversational IVR Virtual Round Table

February 16, 2022

The critical aspect of customer experience is particularly true in the banking industry, where customers in their day-to-day activities are far less concerned with the business efficiencies than enjoying a seamless and efficient experience with their bank.

However, consumers are now expecting faster responses from companies to resolve issues and find out information. IVRs have not been able to bridge this gap satisfactorily. Solving this issue would clearly increase a company’s competitive advantage, but in order to achieve this, it requires companies to focus on the customer experience and develop a system that works for everyone.

A new era of conversational IVR – IST’s Nun Conversational IVR differs from a traditional IVR in that it allows callers to interact with the menu in their own words, their own Arabic dialect, using voice commands in the way they prefer. This technology replaces push-button menus and empowers your customers to navigate through the IVR tree using only voice commands with artificial intelligence that understands human speech and routes calls accordingly—or even completes tasks without the need for a live agent.

This session will reflect on the unique, knowledgeable insights on how automation and increasing self service will lead to happier customers, more sales, and a better reputation.


February 16, 2022
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