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Keeping People Safe in Middle East Higher Education

November 29

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread concerns in the interconnected international healthcare industry. This is especially true in the Middle East, where many of the world’s most renowned institutions have international operations. Healthcare leaders need to maintain a delicate operational equilibrium, balancing keeping their people safe and getting critical treatment to patients. This becomes more complex with healthcare practitioners in foreign locations, where they may not be familiar with the local norms or laws and need real-time informative communications in the event of a critical event.

What if your institution could create a reality in which you were aware of any mission-critical risk before it affects your people or your operations? A solution, that lets you proactively assess potential risks before they turn into critical events that combines data on resources (employees, patients, mobile staff, buildings, supply chain, etc.) with risk events (epidemics, terrorism, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, health risks, activism, social unrest, etc.) and contextual information such as from traffic cameras or weather systems, in a common operational view that reactively help safeguard your people., all of this while also adhering to the most stringent international data privacy regulations.

Many of today’s challenges revolve around the duty of care to patients & staff (especially lone females), regulatory conformance, and the critical nature of the supply chain. Maintaining a balance between the absolute safety and security threats that healthcare faces, with the commercial needs of healthcare institutions, is something that industry is working hard to find.

Join this webinar as we discuss how these challenges can be the perfect catalyst for organisations to digitise their communications and critical event management capabilities, allowing them to offer and promote greater protection for their staff and patients and do more with fewer resources. This is particularly important in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.


November 29
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