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Never trust, always verify

April 14, 2021

Have you wondered how some of the largest utility enterprises are embarking on their journey towards achieving zero-trust for the siloed IT/OT environment, the increasingly vulnerable devices in the network, and the upcoming explosion with IoT?

IoT is revolutionizing every part of the utility sector ecosystem. It not only enhances the generation, transmission, and distribution of power but also impacts how companies interact with customers, partners, and service providers. The rapid digital transformation, and adoption of smart grids and other smart devices, demands a robust security approach.

Zero-trust security approach entails verifying identities of people and things, before establishing trust. As such, digital identities form the basis of this approach to security. It is straight forward from a conceptual point of view: every user or device needs a trusted identity. This makes zero-trust security approach best suited for an IoT-enabled, hyper-connected infrastructure.

However, reality complicates theory.

Grids have a greater reach, connect to more devices, partners, and customers to provide power, and share data, thus creating a larger attack surface. While smart meters are relatively new, other components of the smart grid still rely on legacy systems. This old-meets-new paradigm is also true for internal, corporate networks. Corporate offices are situated at multiple locations, each often with a different identity and access management system, and enterprise devices management system.

Join us for an exclusive roundtable discussion to discover successful strategies for achieving zero-trust security. Guided by insights from industry thought leaders, the discussion will draw from experience of the attendees, offering new insights towards securing critical infrastructure.


April 14, 2021
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