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OT/IOT Cybersecurity Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

November 11, 2020

OT Infrastructure owners are seldom able to oversee a converged environment comprehensively, especially since securing OT systems require a more distinctive approach than the conventional strategies connected to IT systems. OT frameworks are quickly morphing into cyber-physical systems that are associated with endless corporate and operational systems through the web, which has greatly increased the possibility of both cyber and operational threats. The call for an Architectural Approach proactively identifying and distinguishing these OT Centric Cyber-Threats along with in-depth threat hunting and mitigation techniques is necessary and indispensable. This approach not only helps organisations face the dangers they confront presently, but moreover decrease and possibly stop future risks.

The Operational Technology (OT) networks, for example ICS/SCADA that run the modern society are a collection of systems intended to cooperate as a coordinated and homogenous framework. If, one of these systems falls flat, it can start a disastrous domino impact and a chain-reaction. Cyber-incidents influencing these control systems can have serious impacts, not only on your daily operations, but moreover on a country’s economy and on people’s lives. Cyber-intrusions can cause power blackouts, paralyze transport frameworks, and trigger environmental catastrophes. Hence these control frameworks and systems are crucial for several industrial processes and are profitable targets for intruders, criminal groups, phishers, spammers, hacktivists or even terrorists.

With the advent of IoT and IIoT and the increasing number of devices and systems that rely upon connectivity, commercial and government entities must find ways to alleviate and prevent these system attacks, whether from an external or internal source.

To discuss this and more, the OT/IOT Cybersecurity Solution for Critical Infrastructure Digiconnect virtual boardroom will bring together decision makers and senior executives from key Government, Energy and Utility, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Petrochem and Transportation sector to discuss some of these challenges and learn more about innovative technology as advanced, impenetrable, and scalable OT cybersecurity architectural solution focusing on industrial control systems, providing end-to-end protection for its cyber assets and communication protocols adhering to modern OT cybersecurity policies, standards and compliances.


November 11, 2020
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