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Rethinking Creative Strategy for Corporate Excellence

November 16, 2020

Creative services are time consuming and doing it in-house would mean spending your valuable time that might be better spent working on core areas of your business. And in this current era of remote work and working from home, the pressures is even more intense with deadlines and the need to prepare reports, pitchbooks, marketing communication collaterals, infographics, and PowerPoint presentations to support the organisation across different teams including senior executives, who need these materials for their presentations to board, clients and stakeholders.

To navigate this challenge and reduce the pressure on the marketing, PR and communications team, while still meeting key creative design requirements to support the organisations, many corporate businesses are rethinking their creative design strategy by exploring outsourcing options to save valuable time, cut cost, improve productivity and corporate excellence.

Rethinking Creative strategy for Corporate Excellence Digiconnect virtual boardroom will therefore bring together senior decision makers, marketing and communication experts, business development directors, business analysts, creative directors and innovative creative technology experts to discuss some of these challenges and how new innovative creative design tools and solutions such Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help re-invent their creative design strategy in this new normal, to achieve more productivity and corporate excellence.


November 16, 2020
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