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Sports Medicine And Sudden Cardiac Arrest

September 29, 2021

Global sports events are becoming extremely competitive and are pushing sports athletes to constantly perform at their peak performance. In addition, these events are accompanied by a large gathering of exuberant fans. As these sporting events grow in size, hosting hundreds of athletes and hundreds of thousands of fans, there is an increased possibility of hosting people susceptible to cardiac arrest. As the emotions and excitement grow with each game, an on-field heart attack is increasingly possible.

In football, we have seen incidents of young football players suffering from a Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), with athletes at 2.5 times higher risk. Are we prepared for such an incident?As Qatar prepares for one of the biggest international sports tournaments, this virtual boardroom session will discuss the SCD, its preparedness, screening processes, etc. Experts from other major sporting events such as the Olympics will share their experience during the conversation; we will uncover:

  • The logistics and transportation process required during such an emergency
  • Diagnosis, onsite first aid, required equipment & trained personnel
  • What other innovative treatment options are available?
  • Educative plans for the audience on how they can support in such a case
  • How can we have a screening process during the event to minimize such a chance?


September 29, 2021
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