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Supply Chain Transparency in F&B

October 19, 2020

In the F&B sector, the list of requested information demanded by today’s consumers is long and continues to grow. Nowadays, conscientious consumers care about health, wellness, and social issues as they shop for family meals and consider clean nutrition labels, visibility into suppliers, humane treatment of animals and environmental sustainability as key decision-making factor. They also want fresh and quality produce. This is in addition to disclosing information that has already become commonplace such as if a product is certified organic, gluten free and locally grown.

These expectations impose added pressure on food and beverage companies, driving them to increase transparency across the food supply chains. To remain competitive in this new normal, food and beverage companies must put in place systems that can help them meet changing consumer demand for transparency, identifying and responding to food safety issues and reducing food loss and waste in order to build a sustainable future for the sector.

The Supply Chain Transparency in F&B Digiconnect virtual boardroom will bring together supply chain leaders, CIOs, COOs and production leaders and industry experts to exchange ideas on how to increase supply chain transparency across the food supply chain.


October 19, 2020
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