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Talent Focused HR for a new normal

November 25, 2020

The effects of COVID-19 on the economy won’t be fully understood for years to come. However, its impact is already being felt across industries and organizations.

For some companies, the pandemic has caused a surge in demand requiring an increase in operations. While for many other businesses, the situation is more dire. Instead of ramping up, owners and executives face tough decisions regarding cutting costs in order to survive.

With talks of furloughs, pay reductions and mass hires; HR is in the driver’s seat to make sure companies can maintain business continuity while keeping their people at the center of their decision—a role that will continue as organizations adjust to the new normal; whatever this normal is going to be.

As companies move from simply reacting to the pandemic toward operating in a changed environment, organizational structures that once made sense need to be re-evaluated. Skills and capacity needed is being constantly reviewed and updated.

This leaves companies with the task of understanding what skills their workforce posses and retraining their employees as deemed necessary to perform duties essential to business continuity. This creates an extra focus on employee sentiment as employers need better insight into the well-being of their employees. With tangible metrics and suggestions at-hand, HR teams can make changes like adjusting staffing levels, bringing back workers, training workers for new skills and assessing workers’ talents and interests.

The Talent Focused HR for a New Normal DigiConnect will bring together senior HR leaders from the public and private sectors in Qatar to discuss some of these challenges and learn latest best practices and innovative solutions on how they can effectively manage and monitor the talent needed to operate in the current and evolving situation.


November 25, 2020
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