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The Digital Supply Chain Imperative

November 25, 2020

While companies need to be able to proactively manage the unpredictable as well as the predictable, it’s nearly impossible for them to manage what they don’t see, plan for what they don’t know, and execute if they’re not aligned. To compete – and win – in today’s digital age, companies must be able to see, analyse and act on insights gained from digital signals across the global supply chain in real time, and then learn from those experiences to become better at sensing and responding to supply chain risks and opportunities in the future.

In today’s digital economy, visibility enables agility and supply chain digitalization plays a strategic role in allowing companies to holistically and repeatedly evaluate all relevant information to respond to likely disruptions with balanced plan revisions. Developing a digital control tower is a key component of any digital supply chain initiative. The digital control tower sits at the heart of the supply chain ecosystem, facilitating the sharing of information as well as the automation of the response and optimization mechanisms.

Companies that have leveraged the most advanced control tower solutions have achieved

  • Up to 30% reduced expediting expenses with better (real-time) visibility
  • Up to 60% increased planning efficiency
  • Up to 10% reduced inventory investment

The pandemic has made it clear that expectations are higher than ever and there is little room for error in the supply chain. It has catalyzed our understanding of the necessity of transformation for the digital age, making it an imperative.

Join Blue Yonder and Microsoft to learn how a Machine learning (ML) empowered control tower can drive digital transformation and support prescriptive resolutions to supply chain challenges.


November 25, 2020
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