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The Future of Intelligent Digital Workplace in a Post-Covid world

November 23, 2020

As enterprises prepare for a post-Covid-19 world and return to normal, one of the challenges they have to address is the inflexible work environments and their detriment to productivity, workers creativity and business value.
Today’s office workers spend a lot of time moving between different applications. They often have to re-enter or copy and paste the same data – such as a customer’s name and address details from one application to another in order to complete a specific task. Such manual work is laborious, time consuming and prone to error.
So how do we evolve beyond these tasks into creating an intuitive digital experience that employees want and companies need?

IDC (International Data Corporation) defines ‘intelligent digital workplace’ as a framework for enterprises to deliver a diverse set of software resources to workers which enables a more dynamic and adaptable team that supports individual and groups productivity while enabling competitive differentiation.

In this workshop, hear from thought leaders, SAP Executives & technology experts on how to create a unified intelligent workplace that increases engagement combined with automation to accelerate productivity.


November 23, 2020
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