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The Privileged Access Management Security

October 19, 2020

As an IT professional, you are in the unique and critical position to help your organization change and evolve. The actions you take and the solutions you implement can be the difference between smooth business continuity versus long-term challenges that can negatively impact operations.

Hackers want access to your privileged accounts, which provide unlimited access to your systems and data. In nearly every recent high-profile breach, lapses in security and user practices were exploited by hackers to get their hands-on privileged account credentials.

To prevent a breach and to minimize any damage that may occur, you need to have a privileged access management program that enables best practices so that your organization has a secure, efficient and compliant way to provide access and monitor privileged accounts.

In lights of this, the Privileged Access Management Security DigiConnect will highlight how you can plan for multiple use cases and support in controlling immediate and auditable privileged accounts.


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