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Threat Hunting Assessments for Compliance to NCA Regulations for Critical Infrastructure

March 29, 2022

With the rapid advancement in Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities, industrial companies are increasingly becoming targets of attack for sophisticated adversaries. To counter these threats customers are deploying Protection and Prevention Technologies to reduce the risk of a business impacting security incident within their Process Control Systems that are part of Critical Infrastructure.

In addition to protecting the system there is a need to improve the overall visibility of the system to ensure any abnormal behavior is captured and reported in a timely manner. Early detection of a Cybersecurity event allows asset owners to take immediate action to contain and eradicate the breach, minimizing impact on the system availability whilst reducing the recovery time. The average time globally to detect a breach is currently 146 days and a whopping 469 days for the EMEA region This can be reduced by using IDS, Intrusion Detection Systems for the Operational environment.

There is a current mandate in Saudi Arabia by the NCA, National Cybersecurity Authority for all Critical Infrastructure Plants to have a Vulnerability Study, Threat Hunt performed on the Networks. Emerson and Dragos are working with Asset Owners to conduct a pro-active assessment of the security of their OT network security posture in preparation for NCA Audits


March 29, 2022
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