MENA Cinema Forum

Dubai will host MENA Cinema Forum on 28th and 29th October at Grand Hyatt Dubai. The two-day event organized by Great Minds Events Management will bring together the entire spectrum of stakeholders involved within the cinema sector.

The forum will cover regional plans in new markets, latest technologies, revenue management and increasing profitability of cinema in the MENA region

The attendees include but are not limited to local and international governments, investment companies, mall owners, cinema operators and exhibitors, suppliers and industry leaders. The event will also address the growing requirements of the cinema market within the region.

The MENA region is one of the fastest growing markets for the cinema industry. With rapid population growth and urbanization, regional focus on continued development across leisure sectors and the opening of Saudi Arabia as a new market, the industry is witnessing tremendous growth and evolution.

Additionally, cinema-goers in many markets in the MENA region demand the best movie experience, stimulating renovation and innovation across existing facilities and opening of new and exciting new ones to meet their needs.

The event will highlight the regional plans in new markets including Saudi Arabia, planning and development of successful cinema outlets across the region and best available material and technologies for building the modern cinema.

Furthermore, content development for the cinema market and revenue management and increasing profitability of cinema operations will also be covered. All cinema enthusiasts are encouraged to attend the forum by registering at

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