Saudi cinemas to see “significant growth”

Saudi Arabia is further relaxing the number of cinemas it is permitting. A report from the Kingdom’s General Commission of Audio-Visual Media (GCAM) media says it is working to authorise a further 45 cinemas by 2020.

“The cinema sector in Saudi Arabia will see significant growth, especially with GCAM’s continuous efforts to facilitate and promote national and foreign investment to enter the sector,” said CEO Bader Alzahrani,

The overall plan, however, sees more than 2500 screens established, and leading to more than 30,000 new jobs in a country where jobs for young people are scarce.

Saudi Arabia is hosting a cinema conference (Cinema Build KSA) in the capital Riyadh on April 14th – 15th.

The event’s organisers say the forum will also reveal a wide range of new building solutions and equipment used in developing future Cinemas, Multiplexes, and Malls to serve as a key contributor to the industry.

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